Bizarre Food Dreams

Three weeks into the challenge the diet component is going well, but for some reason the forbidden list items have started creeping into my dreams.

All the dreams have the same basic theme.  I’m in some setting where I’m really digging into some food, or preparing it, and then I realize that I was still supposed to be eating the very strict nutritarian transition plan.  After that I try to rationalize why it was okay, but then ultimately capitulate and then feel bad about having broken the diet so epically.

Two nights ago it was an enormous ice cream sundae that I was having out at a restaurant.  Why did I order such a thing? Perhaps it was the drizzle of hot chocolate and caramel sauce over the fresh made vanilla ice cream scoops.  I wasn’t but a few bites into the thing when it occurred to me that this was nowhere near what I should be eating.  Granted I also had a slice of cheesecake that I was planning on eating after that.  I decided that “just one bite” would be fine, but I was already three or four heaping spoonfuls into the sundae, so it was an epic fail.  I was then woken up by my alarm so I didn’t get to probe the depths of the nutritional depravity.

Last night I had one of those “how did that make sense?” dreams.  I had come up with the bestest idea over!  I had a bowl of linguine pasta that I proceeded to pour an entire bottle of white wine over.  I swear I could see the pasta begin to soften after just a few minutes.  A few hours later I was planning on eating this pasta that was supposed to have sucked up all the wine goodness.  Then it hit me that I wasn’t supposed to be eating either of those things. Darn!  Such a waste of a good wine, and pasta.  I was already late for meeting some family members at the restaurant (I told you this was a dream, so don’t worry about lack of continuity) where one of them forthright asked me if I was still eating that “weird diet” and then asked me the details of it.  All I could think about was that I wasted all that pasta and wine.  Granted when I woke up (sans alarm this time) right at the end of that dream I didn’t think to myself anything except, “How horrible would wine soaked pasta taste?”

Maybe I’ll do an indulgence day at the end of this thing to cut the crazy dreams, or keep it going and see how weird the ride gets. Decisions, decisions…